New Orleans Police Department Crumbles – So They Construct New Buildings

New Orleans Police Department Crumbles – So They Construct New Buildings

New Orleans Police DepartmentNew Orleans Police Department is under a Federal Consent decree to clean up their act. The NOPD’s interpretation is to rebuild the Second District police station. Wow, now that is truly innovative police restructuring at its finest!

The crumbling infrastructure is “not” the building! If the public was ever provided access to all the things about the NOPD that forced the Federal Consent Decree, we would all be shocked! It’s not about bricks and mortar, it’s about a system that totally broken and out of control. The arrogance of police and public officials is beyond comprehension. But as “Rome Burns (i.e. City of New Orleans)” we ignore the fires and just merely build new buildings!

Crime in New Orleans in the “good ole days” stayed in the criminals’ backyards. Now tNew Orleans Crimehe Garden District, the French Quarter, and even the Fly @ Audubon Park reports attacks, rapes, and even murders. Meanwhile as Rome burns (i.e. City of New Orleans), our elected officials seek to rebuild everything other than what needs to be rebuilt – the trust of the NOPD!

Will we all have to wait until someone in your immediate family is a victim? How would you feel right now if your son, daughter, or some other relative was arrested on a minor infraction and forced to spend the night in New Orleans Parish Prison?

Do you think you could get them out in a couple of hours like Mayor Landrieu did with his son? Or
do you think they would receive the same treatment as Senator Landrieu’s son got when arrested for DIU on Bourbon Street?

Orleans Parish PrisonDo you actually think your child would be safe for the night? We all saw the video of OPP – imagine your child in that environment!

When will enough finally be enough? Together, we can make a difference!

Ron G. Cheek, PhD

College Entrepreneurship Professor, Serial Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert, & True Lover of the State of Louisiana

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