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New Orleans Crime

Growing up in the River Parishes, one of our great treats was a visit to Audubon Park. Even now from time to time, I take a ride along the Audubon Park Fly (the area along the river). This is a place where parents with kids, soccer & baseball games, and just normal people go to relax and enjoy the beauty of New Orleans. When we think of the last bastions of safety in New Orleans, most of us still think in terms of Audubon Park & City Park.

With what has happened recently around the Loyola & Tulane campuses, it appears that crime has come into the University area. I often wonder if the parents of out of town Uptown university students understand how dangerous the area is? Now in the middle of the day in Audubon Park, we find how unsafe it actually is!

Just because we are in Jefferson, St. Charles, St. Bernard, St. Tammany, Plaquemines Parishes, were are not immune from what happens in New Orleans. We are all in the Greater New Orleans economic region. Anything that negatively impacts one area, can and will impact other areas in the region. Just ask the citizens of Slidell about the impact of Hurricane Katrina on their quality of life!

Without a doubt New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu in his short time in office has made a difference. But how long can we continue to bring businesses and tourists to the acknowledged “Murder Capital” of the entire United States? Even the most protected area, the French Quarter continues to have their challenges with crime.

So, what can we do? First, we have to recognize that it is indeed a metropolitan & not a City of New Orleans problem. Secondly, area parishes must provide resources and support for the efforts in New Orleans. And finally, given the resources and support, Mayor Landrieu and his administration (including council) must be held accountable for the results.

Our regional politicians have shown the lack of what it takes to make the hard decisions. Once again it comes down to citizens of the region to drive change that will make the Greater New Orleans area a safer place to live. Make the phone call, email your elected official, let them know how frustrated you are and that you expect them to address and do the things necessary to resolve these issues.

We owe it too future generations to take these steps. Do something today, tomorrow, and every day until change begins to occur. Without us, it won’t happen!

If the New Orleans Audubon Park Is Not Safe – Where Can Families Go?

Please pass this on to your friends, and perhaps even better, forward it to New OrleansJefferson Parish, St. Charles, Plaquemines, St. Tammany, and St. Bernard Councils. This is the link to their email addresses to  Do it now! Our future depends on it. We can make a difference one email, one call, one vote at a time! No Meaux Excuses!

By Ron G. Cheek, PhD

College Entrepreneurship Professor, Serial Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert, & True Lover of the State of Louisiana

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