Louisiana Politics | Snakes & Louisiana Legislators

Louisiana Politics | Snakes & Louisiana Legislators

Snakes Eats Rats in Louisiana LegislatureEnough with all the BS about Obama-Care! I am a full-blown Centrist & quite frankly tired listening to all the crap from both sides of the political arena (GOP & Democrats). It should be obvious by now, especially in Louisiana, and especially Governor Jindal doesn’t give a damn about what’s best for us as citizens of this wonderful state!

Back to Obama-Care for a moment…when you dig down through all the political rhetoric, quite frankly from a state standpoint, it is a no-brainier! It’s only when you put a political party spin on it does it get all twisted & supportive of individual political agendas.

Obama threw a bunch of crap on the wall (i.e. Obama-Care). While it was better than what we had, it still required a tremendous amount of work by the Congress & Senate. He figured he would force them to work together to make the individual details more palatable. But, once again, just more political BS and no real work!

If you doubt my logic about Obama-Care having some good components, let me just share a few that will probably impact many of you:

  1. Removal of Lifetime Limits on Healthcare – the limit was changed, in my personal case from $5 million to unlimited. When I went in the hospital for what was supposed to be minor surgery in December ’07, little did I understand the impact of a patient that got the hospital borne infection MRSA. Now I am an over $3 million man with the probability that I will definitely break the $5 million mark! This can really happen to any of us. Do any of us want it turned back to the $5 million limit?
  2. The Do-nut Hole – for those of you will older parents, you certainly know what this is all about. Obama-Care had a significant impact on the reduction of healthcare costs for the elderly. Does anyone want this removed?
  3. Healthcare for Children up to 26 Years Old – this will allow you to continue to cover your kids under your healthcare plan even if they are not in school. I teach graduating college seniors. Many of them do not have jobs. The responsibility, if they are going to have healthcare coverage, falls on their parents. This allows some relief to parents both emotionally and financially until their kids find a job. Who wants this prevision removed?

While I don’t disagree with tons of other problems with Obama-Care, these three previsions are certainly good for all of us. To fix these is relatively simple, just get the damn Republicans and Democrats off their butts and to the table to work out the problems. Will they/can they do this? Probably not, they are both that selfish and that unconcerned with what’s best for the average citizen.

Great, screwed again! No balanced Louisiana state budget, massive cuts to Healthcare and Higher Education, and our legislators continue to play party politics. So exactly what can the average voter do? Glad you asked! We start by cleaning things up at the local & state level and then push change uphill towards Washington. Demand that our local & state legislators make the hard calls for the citizens and not for their parties (and financial supporters). Let’s stop blaming everything on Washington and take some responsibility of our own.

There are only a few days left in the Louisiana legislative session and we still don’t have a budget. Most of Governor Jindal’s “smoke & mirrors” have been brought out into the light of day and proved unrealistic. Yet in a final, last ditch effort our legislators are attempting to use some of his deceptive, unethical, slight-of-hand shell games to balance the budget. They’ve worked (sic) for months without resolving anything. Even the “snakes” have come home to roost in the

It’s truly time for our legislators to stop their “Self-Serving Schemes” and voting what their “Soul” tells them. They were born and raised in Louisiana and know “deep in their soul” what we as citizens of our wonderful state are all about. “They know “deep in their Souls” what’s important and valuable to us. If we only went through one, just one legislative session where every legislator voted for the “Soul of our Citizens,” and not legislators’ “Deals,” everything would truly work out.

Begin today by writing your Senator and ask them to “break away from party politics” and finally do the “right thing” for the Soul of Louisiana! While like many of you I “hold my nose” over the passage of Obama-Care, it “is” the right thing to do at this time. It “is” the best of many bad choices. Encourage your Senator to make that hard choice. Healthcare, Higher Education, and many other deserving state services are on life support and need it.

Please give me your thoughts. We are in this together. The famous old saying about rivers in general and the Mississippi River in particular goes like this: “when the river rises, all boats rise with it.” But on the other hand, “when the river falls, all the boats fall with it!” We are all in this boat together, it’s time for all of us to make the hard calls. The wonderful citizens and our beautiful state depends on it.

Ron G. Cheek, PhD

College Entrepreneurship Professor, Serial Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert, & True Lover of the State of Louisiana

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