Louisiana Citizens: Destroying Our Culture & History – One Career Politician at a Time

Louisiana Citizens: Destroying Our Culture & History – One Career Politician at a Time

Louisiana CultureAs Louisiana Citizens, do our career politicians reflect: Who we are? What’s important to us? And do they have educational backgrounds and professional careers that represent who we truly are as proud citizens of Louisiana? Are our current career politicians graduates of elite private high schools and colleges that have little to do with the public educations of most of Louisiana residents? Do they truly understand what goes on in our lives on a day-to-day basis? Or have they spent their entire adult lives moving from one elected to the next appointed position as career public “servants?”

We all can agree that as residents of the State of Louisiana, we are indeed different! Different in that we care and cherish God and family above all else. Just marry a Louisiana girl and try to take her away from home and see how it works. How many times have we heard this story from someone from out of state that married a Louisiana girl?

Living in Louisiana means loving life. Life in Louisiana is defined by religion, family, sports, hunting & fishing, food, and all the other things us special. Can’t we all remember Friday night football in Louisiana? Growing up in Destrehan, on Friday nights school Louisiana Sportsmans Paradisebuses ran down the River Road from Norco to Destrehan. The buses picked and returned anyone, school children and adults that wanted to go to home football games. Saturdays were spent talking about high school games and getting ready for our Saturday college games.

Before and after the games meals that included all the wonderful Louisiana delicacies were served. Whether it was Friday nights with gumbo and potato salad or tailgate parties, football in the fall dominated the lives of everyone in Louisiana.

How many of us spent Saturday mornings in the woods hunting rabbits, squirrels, deer, ducks, or anything else that moved. When hunting season was over, we moved on to shrimping, Louisiana Sportsman's Paradisecrawfishing, crabbing, and just plain old fishing. Many of us can still remember running the catfish lines and raising the shrimp boxes along the shores of the Mississippi River.

I will begin a three part series to look at the three most powerful politicians in the State of Louisiana and how they represent the true culture of Louisiana. The three include: Governor Bobby Jindal, Senator David Vitter, and Senator Mary Landrieu. Notice that the three include both the Republican and Democratic parties. My three part series will look at these three and see what they have in common with the culture and background of any one of us.

Ron G. Cheek, PhD

College Entrepreneurship Professor, Serial Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert, & True Lover of the State of Louisiana

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