Living the Simple Life – Truly Trusting Again

Loving Kids
Loving Kids

As kids we trusted everyone, as adults we mistrust everyone – when we go back to our roots, these Loving Kidsare the people that formed the core basis of what we really are. Reconnecting to old friends from high school and college re-energizes, you deep down inside. These old friends know the real you – not the protected person you have built over the years. With them you can be yourself, completely understanding and safe in the knowledge they want only what’s best for you.

It’s when we re-connect with old friends that we find ourselves. They provide the strength we need as we look in the mirror and truly search our souls. The New Year is a wake-up call for me. I try to clear the noise & confusion in my head, stop all the thoughts, and just focus on what’s truly important. This can only be done when you surround yourself with those you care about and those that care about you. My New Year’s Resolutions are the results of my own personal “mirror time!”

New Year’s Resolutions

Be Happy Next YearMy New Year’s resolutions continue to get simpler each and every year. This year’s resolutions are truly a repeat of last year & hopefully will be a repeat again next year:

  1. Keep Family & Faith First – where would we all be without both of these? How often do we merely take them for granted and forget just how important they are to us? I’ve often heard that if you said the things to your friends that you say to your family or treat your friends the way you treat your family, you wouldn’t have any friends! In the next year I want to take every opportunity to let my family know how special they are too me and that I put them far above my individual needs. I need to let them know there is absolutely nothing I would not do for them. If I accomplish this goal next year, they should never have to ask for anything. I’ll know what they need before they do and it will be there without them even having to ask!
  2. Bring My Friends Closer – at each and every opportunity I will tell my friends how much I care about them and how truly special they are to me. I will make every effort to never take my friends for granted. These people are also my “family” and are part of who I am. I won’t ask them to “assume” how I feel about them. I’ll tell them in no uncertain terms – I love you, respect you, and thank you for being part of my life! Simple things like getting back in touch with high school friends offers a high that is second only to kids & grandchildren!
  3. Work on My “Footprints” – someday soon we will all be gone. The earth is millions of years old and our mere 80-100 years on it barely impact it at all. I want to leave “footprints” that live beyond me, my children, and my grandchildren. I want to leave a legacy that others will see, understand, and emulate. The joys, the fears, the lessons, the painful experiences I have endured must be shared with others. I don’t want them to have to suffer through the things I have endured. If this goal is achieved, they will learn from my experiences and raise their lives to a newer, higher level than they ever thought possible. I don’t want to help them get richer or gain any physical success. I want to help them understand themselves and to make the contributions that will make the world a better place for everyone.

Finally, I want to give thanks for all the wonderful things that have happened in my life this year. Has it been a perfect year? Of course not! But my year has been better than I could have ever imagined. May the next year be as wonderful for all of you as this year was for me. May you find the joy in faith, family, and friends that I have. Please make a special effort to let those special to you know exactly how you feel. Take the risk, it’s well worth it! Happy New Year’s to all.

Happy New Year

By Ron G. Cheek, PhD

College Entrepreneurship Professor, Serial Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert, & True Lover of the State of Louisiana

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