Jobs Tough for New College Graduates
Jobs Tough for New College Graduates

Jobs Tough for New College Graduates

Jobs Tough for New College Graduates

Jobs for new college graduates are getting tougher to find! For recent college graduates several changes are occurring in the job marketplace. Combined the impact of these changes create challenges for the new college graduates. Here are a few of their challenges:

  • Entry Level Jobs – More & more entry level responsibilities for jobs previously held by new college graduates are now being automated;
  • Company Training Programs – The training and education programs for entry level employees are caught in organization’s spiraling budget cuts – the results are companies want to hire employees ready to go to work, not ready to be trained to go to work!
  • Requirement for Work Related Experience – Requires new college graduates to get experience elsewhere before they come to work for a company

So our new college graduates, loaded with academic knowledge and student loan debts are faced with new hurdles in finding their “dream” jobs. There are still some good jobs available. Often they are in industries not typically associated with jobs for new college graduates. In a recent Wall Street Journal article titled Where Did All the Entry-Level Jobs Go, authors Lauren Weber and Melissa Korn discuss the changes in the entry level jobs between 2003 and 2013. They feel “the career path (for young people) is changing as we speak (write).” Here are some of their findings:

Poor Opportunities:
  • Credit Analyst
  • Loan Office
  • Insurance Underwriter
Good Opportunities:
  • Social Media Manager
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Public Relations Specialist

So What Should New College Graduates Do?

As an Entrepreneurship professor I explain to my students to follow Marsha Sinetar’s Do What You Love, the Money Will Followdirections in her book Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow. However in the short-term, you might have to find a job! To find that entry level job for new college graduates, here are some of the things they should do:

  • Get Experience During Your College Career – the sooner you decide what you truly want to do, the sooner you can get a part-time job doing it – it will let you find out if you really like the profession & also will provide experience
  • Get An Internship – 85% of interns get job offers! Don’t wait until your senior year in college, it will be too late. Companies recognize seniors looking for internships are looking for commitments from the companies for full time jobs upon graduation. Internships are two-way streets – the student & the company get to “date” before they get “married!” The perfect time would be the summer before your Junior year.
  • Do A Post-Graduate Fellowship – graduation is near, you don’t have a job, don’t know what you are going to do, start looking for a Fellowship. In many if not most cases either the Fellowship pays very little or possibly no pay at all. It will however provide the valuable experience so necessary for new college graduates!

Challenging Times for New College Graduates

The job market is tough for new college graduates and their families. Students and parents should address these concerns at the midpoint of their college careers. Recognize the job market is changing for entry level new college graduates. Do the things you can control to ready your new college graduate for this ever changing job market.

Don’t be afraid to ask friends, family, and most your university for assistance in finding a job. The job placement responsibilities at universities are in transition. Progressive, innovative universities understand a “birth to job placement” responsibility for their students. This attitude encourages, students, faculty, parents, and university administrators to take an active role to prepare students for their university “after-life.” Proper planning is truly a key to success. Understand change is continuous and the prepared will succeed!



Ron G. Cheek, PhD

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