Deal on Jefferson Parish Hospitals Stinks

Chris Roberts Jefferson Parish Councilman at Large
Chris Roberts Jefferson Parish Councilman at Large

We the voters paid a consultant over $1 million to provide advice on what to do with our hospitals. Everyone agreed in order to be competitive, even combined our EJ & WJ hospitals were just too small. The consultant came back and in their opinion felt the HCA group was the best fit for Jefferson Parish. In jumps Chris Roberts and challenges their selection.

Like any good consultant worth their millions, they back-peddled and said they would not offer a choice. If they weren’t going to make a selection, then why did we pay the millions? Why hasn’t everything written been shared with the public. Transparency is always the best policy – unless you are Chris Roberts and other unsavory characters called the Jefferson Parish Council.

Wasn’t Chris Roberts and several of his cronies “watching out” for us as Broussard stole East Jefferson Hospitalmillions? Now we are supposed to trust them with a choice for the two major hospitals in Jefferson Parish?

The Children’s Hospital group are “newbies” to healthcare in the Greater New Orleans area. Certainly their history with their area of expertise “children” is wonderful. But only in the past several years have they expanded into traditional full-service hospitals such as Touro, the new clinic in New Orleans East, and the University Hospitals when they are completed.

This begs the question “are they truly ready for the big times and can they handle this tremendous growth, plus the addition of one or both of the Jefferson Parish hospitals? When we put the future healthcare of the residents of Jefferson Parish in their hands, we are taking a tremendous risk. A risk that quite frankly isn’t necessary. Two proven hospitals, Ochsner and HCA have shown over the years their ability to handle large volumes of healthcare. Why wouldn’t this be clear to everyone? Or could it be their selection would not bring the “feed to the trough” for many of the cronies of our elected officials?

snakeThis is our healthcare future in Jefferson Parish. If we don’t hold everyone accountable now, we will all have to live with the consequences for decades to come.

By Ron G. Cheek, PhD

College Entrepreneurship Professor, Serial Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert, & True Lover of the State of Louisiana

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