Hope for COVID-19 Displaced Workers

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Displaced Workers COVID-19

Ronald Reagan used to say “for every No, there’s a better Yes, right around the corner”. For the many displaced workers resulting from the COVID-19 virus, these jobs may never return. Take the things you learned from that job and get prepared for your next journey. Get a public library card and most give you access to free books online.

For my soon to be graduating seniors, I ask them to read two books, “Find Your Why” by Simon Sinek and “Braving the Wilderness” by Brene’ Brown. These books are personal, and they are both all about YOU. Take this down time as Your Time to find and understand YOU! You’ll understand what makes you so special and the unique things you offer to others, including employers.

Here are two YouTube videos by the authors that should spark you interest. You’ll also find many other videos by them on YouTube. Be safe and good luck on your journey.

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Brene Brown
Professor and Author


Simon Sinek, Author and Speaker


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