The Rong Cheek
The focus of blogs by The Rong Cheek is to take back Louisiana for its citizens “One Vote @ a Time!” Ron G. Cheek was born in Northern Louisiana, grew up along the Mississippi River in the River Parishes, spent most of his business career in New Orleans, & is now an Entrepreneurship professor @ the University of Louisiana Lafayette for 14 years. Ron has two daughters & 4 grandchildren. One daughter upon graduation ended up moving to California for better career opportunities. For all of you parents with children, grandchildren, & close friends living out of state, I’m certain you share my pain. All of these left for the same reason – “Lack of Career Opportunities” in Louisiana. We’ve all sat around & laughed over the years about the corrupt & crony driven politics in Louisiana. It’s all real funny until loved ones run away, state & local governments run out of money for even basic services, and then we find the joke is on us! On any given Louisiana election, only 40% of registered Louisiana citizens actually vote. Many of these are “bought” with the corporate Political Action Committees (PACs). My vision is to get these disgruntled, pissed-off 60% off the couch & to the voting booths! Together we can drive real change. In the meantime I’ll do my part to help Louisiana entrepreneurs & to let voters know exactly what their elected officials are doing. Please join me in this crusade. Together “One Vote @ a Time” we can take our state back.

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