A Fan Goes to Greenbriar Training Camp

New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints

Saints Fans Don’t Die, They Just Relocate!

A close friend who grew up in Arabi, as he explains “not to be confused with Chalmette” relocated to Raleigh, NC about 20 years ago. He left for only one reason “better job & more opportunities” for his family. We were sad to see he and his family go and miss them daily. But there is good news – he keeps us posted on what the rest of t
he world thinks about the Saints. And even more importantly, does spying on the Caroline Panthers for the Saints!

Visit to Saints Training Camp

He travels around Greenbriar in West Virginia and unlike us was thrilled to hear they would be training there. Needless to say at his first possible opportunity he headed up to check out the training camp. Here’s some of his thoughts/comments:

  • Greenbriar Facility – He went to the recent PGA golf tournament & swears the crowds on had to watch the Saints training camp are just as large!
  • Terron Armstead is the “Real Deal!” Even from a few hundred feet away it was obvious Armstead is one bad dude! Later after practice when he got closer, he said Armstead is definitely “large” without any fat. He thinks Dew will be safe from that side of the field!
  • Brandon Cooks – the speed is unbelievable! Cooks make everyone else look like they are running in sand!
  • Rob Ryan – Funny, no really funny! After practice he puts on a show for fans. Hangs around talks to everyone, signs autographs, a guy you would really enjoy having a beer with. It’s obvious the players love and respect him. Can’t wait to see this defense in action!

My friend wears Saints hats, Saints T-Shirts, a license plate with Nawlins on it, and truly bleeds Black & Gold. So, I want you to take what he says with a grain of salt. From his perspective comparisons to 2007 are so far fetched! I was truly excited when I finished talking to him.

It all begins next Friday & I know we can’t wait. Hope you enjoy the few photos he sent me. Maybe if we are nice, he’ll send some more. If any of your friends have pictures of the training camp, send them to me and I’ll be glad to post them

Geaux Saints!

By Ron G. Cheek, PhD

College Entrepreneurship Professor, Serial Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert, & True Lover of the State of Louisiana

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