Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s Grand Illusions

< ![CDATA[ While  Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal runs across the country with his self-delusion run for president, he leaves his minions (aka state legislators) on their own. For the past seven years Louisiana legislators haven’t done anything without getting the approval of the emperor (aka Bobby Jindal). Now when they need him most he’s running […]

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A Fan Goes to Greenbriar Training Camp

New Orleans Saints

Saints Fans Don’t Die, They Just Relocate! A close friend who grew up in Arabi, as he explains “not to be confused with Chalmette” relocated to Raleigh, NC about 20 years ago. He left for only one reason “better job & more opportunities” for his family. We were sad to see he and his family […]

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Deal on Jefferson Parish Hospitals Stinks

Chris Roberts Jefferson Parish Councilman at Large

We the voters paid a consultant over $1 million to provide advice on what to do with our hospitals. Everyone agreed in order to be competitive, even combined our EJ & WJ hospitals were just too small. The consultant came back and in their opinion felt the HCA group was the best fit for Jefferson […]

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BP-Lack of Louisiana Ethics in Gulf Oil Claim Settlements

Ethics in Louisiana Politics?

Recent activities related to BP oil claims settlements begin to “shine the light” on the administration of claims in Louisiana. BP seems to think the entire process is a joke. As an indication of the problems they are encountering with the lack of Louisiana ethics they recently took out a full-page ad in the New […]

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Living the Simple Life – Truly Trusting Again

Loving Kids

As kids we trusted everyone, as adults we mistrust everyone – when we go back to our roots, these are the people that formed the core basis of what we really are. Reconnecting to old friends from high school and college re-energizes, you deep down inside. These old friends know the real you – not […]

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Does Emeril Lagasse Reflect New Orleans Ethics?

Emeril gets fat on BP millions

Everyone knows Emeril Lagasse began his career in New Orleans. We all know he succeeded Paul Prudhomme as executive chef at Commander’s Palace. Emeril Lagasse was the “face of New Orleans” in a commercial describing the impact of the British Petroleum (BP) Deep Horizon oil spill in 2010. Emeril Lagasse was not only an internationally […]

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An Attorney (Cahill) & a Sheriff (Normand) Determine Our Healthcare: The Jefferson Parish Hospital Debacle

Deal Making Continues for Jefferson Parish Hospitals.

For a long time Jefferson Parish residents, the East & West Jefferson hospitals have provided the security of quality healthcare close to our homes and families. After years of having political cronies on their boards, showering friends and political supporters with wealthy, no-bid contracts, both East & West Jefferson Hospitals claim they are running out […]

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