Demand a Louisiana focused on the needs of its Citizens

It's not just about us - it's about future generations in Louisiana

You can take Louisiana back from self-serving career politicians.

Politicians who  answer to donors, big business, and ignore ordinary citizens
Politicians who  make a mockery of term-limits and just swap offices and continue on their way
Politicians who enrich themselves & friends at the expense of Education, Roads & Bridges, and as the quality of life in Louisiana continues to decline
Melinda Martinez/ The Town Talk

Why you must get involved taking Louisiana back from self-serving career politicians?

Politics Louisiana leads the nation in incentives to industries while forcing Citizens to pay higher taxes & infrastructure improvements for the future – career politicians will continue to put their financial donors & themselves first!
Education in the past 10 years 77,000 Louisiana college graduates have left the state – will this force your children & grandchildren to leave Louisiana to find a decent job?
Healthcare the quality & availability will continue to decrease as costs skyrocket, while uninsured Citizens continue to use Emergency Rooms as alternatives to health insurance
Environment rather than addressing environmental concerns as industry was forced to do by the EPA in St. John Parish, politicians will continue to hide information from the public as they take care of their corporate donors

You aren’t helpless and here’s what you can do

Look at the information below and you'll find a step-by-step process to take real action

#1: Voter Registration Information

1. If you aren’t registered to Vote go to the Registrar of Voters Office in your Parish (Example Jefferson Parish) & register for the 2nd primary

2. Vote on October 12th – your Vote counts!

3. Reach out to at least 3 friends or family members & encourage them to vote

We can Take Back Louisiana One Vote @ a Time!

#2: Find Your Elected Politicians & their Backgrounds

1. Click this Link to Find Your Elected Politicians & Background Information on Them

2. Select “By Parish” tab

3. Select Your Parish.

4. Now you know the offices you will be voting on for local & state elections & the current office holders

5. Write down the names of your politicians

6. Go to Wikipedia and enter your elected politician’s name (Example: Kirk Talbot, term-limited State Representative running for State Senator 10th Senatorial District to replace term-limited Danny Martiny)

7. On their Wikipedia page, look at the “Political Life” section. This will let you know if they are career politicians. 

Refuse to Vote for Incumbents or career politicians merely jumping to new offices

#3: Their Personal Financial Disclosures

1. Click here to view reports in the “Disclosure” menu tab

2. In the search bar, type in the 1st three letters of the first name and the 1st three letters of the last name [Example: kir tal (for Kirk Talbot)]

3. Click “Search”

4. Click & Review “Personal Financial Disclosure”; this will provide reports for every year they served in the elected position

5. Compare year to year to see any significant differences

* This will show you the salary for an elected position. It’s what the position is paid by public funds

* You’ll also see income from other sources

* Take a look at their current income, as well as their income from when first elected. You can compare the two through these personal financial disclosures.


What Do You Think are Louisiana Greatest Problems?

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