Together We Can Take Louisiana Back From Self-Serving Career Politicians!

Melinda Martinez/ The Town Talk

My 20 years of Banking & Real Estate Experience, over 25 years in Higher Education, & a PhD focused on Environmental Management uniquely qualify me to understand & lead our efforts to take back Louisiana for its Citizens.

Politics Make politicians Accountable to Louisiana Citizens & not to Large, often out-of-state Corporate Donors
Education Provide Quality & Affordable Public Education for K-12 and Higher Education
Healthcare Drive Down the Cost & Increase the Quality of Healthcare
Environment Hold Industries Responsible for Environmental Impacts & Methods to Eliminate/Fix Them

Why You Must Get Involved Taking Louisiana Back From Self-Serving Career Politicians?

Politics  Big Business will continue to get tax breaks & incentives, forcing Louisiana Citizens to pay higher sales & property taxes
Education  Poor quality Public K-12s will force students into private schools as Higher Education continues to hide their tuition increases as “Student Fees” (Currently >$10,000 per year/$40,000 for 4 years
Healthcare Quality & Availability will continue to decrease as costs skyrocket
Environment  Rather than addressing Environmental concerns as they were forced to do in St. John Parish, state agencies & donor fed politicians will hide information from Public view

Are you ready for a Louisiana Where its Focus will be on Education, Healthcare, & the Environment?

Politics  Earl Long was Governor when I was born & I have experienced the actions resulting in Louisiana’s well-deserved rank of 50th in the United States 
Education  My wife recently retired after 44 years as a Public School Counselor & I received my MBA & PhD at UNO when I was 47. My unique perspective of K-12 & Higher Education allows me to understand its flaws & its promises
Healthcare My car accident 37 years ago resulted in T7 paraplegia & my continuing experiences with the quality & cost of Healthcare in Louisiana offers true “hands on experience” in Healthcare
Environment  The focus on my PhD Dissertation was Environmental Management- all toxic releases go into the Air, Water, or into the ground. We need to help industry help us mitigate the damages from their releases 

Here’s a Step-By-Step Process to Examine Your Career Politicians!

#1: Find Your Elected Politicians & Background Info on Them

1. Click this Link to Find Your Elected Politicians & Background Information on Them

2. Select “By Parish” tab

3. Select Your Parish.

4. Now you know the offices you will be voting on for local & state elections & the current office holders

5. Write down the names of your politicians

6. Go to Wikipedia and enter your elected politician’s name (Example: Kirk Talbot, term-limited State Representative running for State Senator 10th Senatorial District to replace term-limited Danny Martiny)

7. On their Wikipedia page, look at the “Political Life” section. This will let you know if they are career politicians. 


#2: Look at their Political Contributions & Expenses

1. Click here to view Campaign Finance Reports

2. Type in elected politician’s name, then click “Perform Search”

3. Click on Politician’s name

4. Sort by “File Date”

5. Compare newest “Annual (ANN)” report to oldest “Annual (ANN)” report

6. When you click on an “Annual (ANN)” report link, it brings you to a page of schedules (A-1, A-2, A-3, E-1, and E-2) that you can download as spreadsheets

A-1: Contributions 

A-3: Other Receipts 

E-1: Expenditures

*This will show you the amounts and balance of each politician.

*It will also show you who and where the contributions are coming from (In District & Out of District).

*It will also show you their expenses: how and where they are spending their funds.

#3: Their Personal Financial Disclosures

1. Click here to view reports in the “Disclosure” menu tab

2. In the search bar, type in the 1st three letters of the first name and the 1st three letters of the last name [Example: kir tal (for Kirk Talbot)]

3. Click “Search”

4. Click & Review “Personal Financial Disclosure”; this will provide reports for every year they served in the elected position

5. Compare year to year to see any significant differences

* This will show you the salary for an elected position. It’s what the position is paid by public funds

* You’ll also see income from other sources

* Take a look at their current income, as well as their income from when first elected. You can compare the two through these personal financial disclosures.


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