An Attorney (Cahill) & a Sheriff (Normand) Determine Our Healthcare: The Jefferson Parish Hospital Debacle

Deal Making Continues for Jefferson Parish Hospitals.

For a long time Jefferson Parish residents, the East & West Jefferson hospitals have provided the security of quality healthcare close to our homes and families. After years of having political cronies on their boards, showering friends and political supporters with wealthy, no-bid contracts, both East & West Jefferson Hospitals claim they are running out […]

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Jefferson Parish Schools Lie With Statistics

Jefferson Parish Schools James Meza

Jefferson Parish Schools Lie With Statistics In a recent article in The American Conservative, writer Rod Dreher discussed the actions of John White, the head of education for the state of Louisiana. While the article focused on East Baton Rouge, it could have just as well used the Jefferson Parish School system. As the Jefferson […]

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Louisiana Higher Education: Out of State Tuition

Higher Education

More Challenges for Louisiana Higher Education Revenues Louisiana higher education generates significant revenues from out of state tuition. Can these universities depend on out of state tuition in the future? Perhaps not. In a recent article published by, Christine Fisher discusses the impact of out-of-state tuition on the cost of higher education. As more […]

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East Jefferson Hospital Politicians Bring Back Hadacol!

East Jefferson Hospital Uses Hadacol Approach

Healthcare Insanity – get big, cut costs, and provide less expensive better care to the patients of East Jefferson Parish. At least in the old days when State Senator Dudley J. marketed Hadacol as Hadacol to the Rescue of East Jefferson Hospitala cure for what ailed us, it had a12% alcohol content! The Snake Oil […]

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New Orleans Politics – Cronies Continue to Thrive

New Orleans Politics – Cronies Thrive The problems in New Orleans politics are many, well-documented, and in most cases attributable to the long-time political insiders of New Orleans’ Mayor Dejour! To name just a few we need look no further than the crime and corruption in the NOPD, the well-document issues at Orleans Parish Prison […]

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