About Us

I fell in love with Louisiana as kid growing up along the banks of the Mississippi River in St. Charles Parish. Summers were spent with relatives in Richland Parish (Rayville). This gave me a true appreciation of life in other parts of our state. It to further deepened my love for Louisiana. Louisiana’s culture, its people, and abundant natural resources explain how special it is to all of us.

But now after decades of environmental and political decay we see the impact on our state. We find Louisiana ranked last in all the good things and first in all the bad things. We watch as our friends and family members have to go out of state to find employment opportunities (one of my daughters and grandchildren live in California). Because of COVID I haven’t physically seen them in 2 years!

So it’s time to stop complaining and take action. If you will join me together we can take our state back for its citizens. It has been controlled to long by big businesses and self-serving politicians. I’ll be your mentor as together we begin this journey to take Louisiana back. JOIN NOW!