Kids leaving Louisiana for better jobsRon G. Cheek was born the son of a cotton sharecropper in Northern Louisiana, raised in the River Parishes, spent 20 years as an entrepreneur in the Greater New Orleans area, and has been a college professor at UL Lafayette teaching Entrepreneurship since 2000. His love is for God, family, country, and all things Louisiana.

Historically, as citizens of Louisiana, we have laughed about the shenanigans of our politicians both at the state and local offices. But when your children & grandchildren are forced to move thousands of miles away because of political corruption, self-serving career politicians, and support for political cronies, all humor disappears. *Note – one daughter & 2 grandchildren live in California.

The purpose of this blog is share with everyone the actions of our elected politicians and how as career State & local politicians move from one office to another, enriching themselves & their cronies, have totally devastated job opportunities for future generations in Louisiana. Insanity is often defined as “continuing to do what you have done in the past & expect change to occur.” We continue to reelect incumbent politicians & expect these “good ole boys & girls” to make the hard choices required to turn around Louisiana.

It’s time for us to “take back our state, one vote at a time.” Change can no longer something just talked about at election time & then resurrected when the next election cycle comes around. We must hold all elected officials accountable for the mess our state is in. Without significant, meaningful change, we will continue our rank as one of the lowest of all states in every category related to quality of life.

Hopefully in a small way this website will help in dumping career politicians & finally doing what’s best for the wonderful citizens of Louisiana.

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